ARC Salon international finalist award, Art Renewal Center International Competition
  Breaking Dawn Plantation Field, Overgrown  
I was truly humbled to win these two awards with over 4300 paintings from 73 countries entered.



The South Carolina Maritime Museum has acquired these two works for their permanent collection:
Charleston Harbor at Castle Pinckney, 20x24 (left) and Gale Near Fort Sumter 10x16 (right).
I visited these sites over a dozen times by boat, including beaching the boat on the island Shutes Folly,
to walk around the Castle before completing these paintings. Having been used as a Civil War prison,
I found it interesting from a thematic standpoint, that it has not been preserved and is being overtaken
by trees. The Charleston skyline and its church steeples can be seen in the background.
 The Fort Sumter piece represents the turbulence of war, with the birds representing freedom.
The flag has been lowered from its staff due to the gale force winds.


  "Impressionism, Tonalism, and Perceptualism"
An Invitational Group Show
McBride Gallery, Annapolis, MD

Opening June 23, 2019

  Evening Prayer Woodlands Pond  
  Morning on the Marsh A Brilliant Sunset Moon Halo  
  I am pleased to be participating in this invitational show at this wonderful Mid-Atlantic gallery.


  I was honored to win the Bold Brush national painting competition "Favorite 15" jury's award for the painting Golden Moonrise.



I was very happy to have this piece selected for the Roper St. Francis Hospital "Art of Healing" program.
Managed by the Gibbes Museum of Art, the program allows patients to select an original oil painting
from the portfolio to be hung in their hospital room.

I am told the goal of the program is to harness the healing power of art by giving patients something
pleasing to look at in their rooms during rehabilitation from severe injuries or extensive surgeries.

I will be the featured artist for the Southeastern Wildlife Expo (SEWE) at the Reinert Gallery at 179 King Street. This wonderful event brings 40,000 art collectors and over 1000 artists from around the world to Charleston each year. Please join us for the gala at the gallery February 16th from 6 to 8pm.
Visit for details.


I was honored to have this story Tonalism Survives in Charleston published in the Fine Art Connoisseur's online edition this month. It covers my current show running Dec 5th to Jan 5th at Reinert Fine Art in downtown Charleston.

Click here to read more.

American Art Collector magazine profiled Reinert Fine Art's three galleries in North and South Carolina
and I was honored to have the above piece featured. Contact Jason Stone 843.694.2445 for more info.

I was truly honored to have one of my paintings included in Fine Art Connoisseur magazine's story
about the history of art in Charleston, January 2017 issue. Click this link to read.

Fine Art Connoisseur wrote this nice interview about my work for their online magazine "Fine Art Today".
Click this link to read.

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